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Privacy Policy

We collect information you choose to submit during registration as part of your personal profile as an existing customer or registered user of this site.

We use common internet technologies, such as cookies and beacons, on our websites and emails to enable us to identify returning users of this site.

We use the information you submit to provide you with any products or services you request.

We may use information about you to provide offers and information regarding Berforts Group Ltd Ltd products and services.

We do not share your information with, or sell it to, other marketers and would not do so without your express permission.

You may request to see the information we hold about you by contacting us in writing and you may request to have that information removed from the site.

You may request to have your name and details excluded from any future marketing campaigns run by Berforts Group Ltd Ltd.

Using your information

We will only use your information to enable us to conduct business with you as follows:

  • Registering you in our programmes.
  • Creating and maintaining your account.
  • Processing, fulfilling, and tracking your orders.
  • Answering your e-mail enquiries.
  • Communicating with you by telephone, e-mail or letter.
  • Providing you with dedicated customer service support.
  • Notifying you of special offers from time to time.