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Environmental Policy

Our company recognises the importance of environmental considerations and will take these into account at all stages of business planning, development, production and marketing whilst continuing to produce high quality products to our customer’s specification and satisfaction.

In particular the following objectives will be pursued as far as is reasonably practicable:

  • Conservation of energy. Through the appointment of our “energy champion” the company constantly seeks to reduce its energy wastage and overall usage.
  • Conservation of natural resources used in our manufacturing and despatch operations, particularly in the use of packaging. The company recycles over 90% of all waste paper and uses vegetable oil based ink. We will not accept products from Asian Pulp and Paper (APP) or Asia Pacific Resources International Ltd (APRIL) due to the unsound environmental practices of these organisations.
  • Minimisation of waste in production and packaging.
  • Reduction of solvents in the workplace and atmosphere.
  • Provision of safe, clean and hygienic working conditions.
  • Reduction of noise levels to lowest levels practicable for employees and members of the public and the provision of ear defenders for general usage.
  • Safe storage and disposal of waste to meet “Duty of Care” requirements.
  • The responsible development, operation and maintenances of plant and associated processes to reflect the principles above.