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Now getting your artwork to us is faster,easier and safer. There is no need to FTP or email anymore. Just come here (we recommend bookmarking it) and we will do the rest. Any problems give us a ring.

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KODAK PRINERGY Digital Workflow System is designed specifically to manage, schedule and drive digital printers and digital presses with unprecedented levels of workflow automation. For print service providers with more than one digital workflow systems, the PRINERGY Digital Workflow System provides an efficient strategy for controlling digital printers and presses with a single, integrated, JDF-based workflow system.

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With our online solutions we can easily create multiple custom sites to personalise and reflect your own or your customers corporate branding. It is fully integrated with our Management ... System and can be used by you to provide real time access to stock balances, estimates, soft proofs and production information.

Data Management

The best traditions of printing technology work hand-in-hand with digital innovation at Berforts. The result of this combination is a service and product that stand the test of time yet remain as fresh and up to date to meet the demands of modern business.

The company has continued to invest strongly in all the necessary technology to be able to handle data submitted by clients electronically. Professional typesetters with experience of managing large and complex data structures process text and complicated mathematical formulae directly into Berforts computer systems.

The content for academic journals, periodicals, technical and legal directories, loose-leaf works and even one-off book projects arrive at Berforts in many different forms, either digitally or some still in manuscript form. Files can be accepted by e-mail or uploaded by our secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) link and we can handle most file formats, including PDF, EPS, JPEG and GIFF. Our experienced team also deals with XML and SGML data. Please click on the link above for further information on how to send us your data files.