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Book Production - Book Printing

Digital or Litho, which is the right production route for me?

The combination of having both litho and digital printing presses allows us to offer a flexible and responsive service. Although we have an enviable reputation in the market-place for the high quality of books that we produce on our top of the range digital printing presses – almost comparable to litho printed books – digitally printed books will have a different look and feel to what you might expect from litho production. We are always happy to advise you on the best technology for your project and to send printed sample books before the start of your project to ensure that we will meet your expectations of the finished book.

We specialise in the short-run digital printing and production of perfect or case-bound books and can quickly and cost effectively produce small quantities of books to the highest quality.

Our service is ideal for back orders, self publishers and low volume print runs in order to test market potential in advance of full scale conventional print production.

Publishers can avoid committing to large production quantities of review / advance copies by using our short-run digital printing facility for quantities as low as 1 book and reduce unnecessary wastage in the process.

Printing sufficient stock to meet your immediate demand ensures that there are no delays to your order despatch or additional postage and packing costs. Holding a small stock ensures that you are in a position to fulfil every order without incurring high print or storage costs from your distributor. If you have specialist publications where the unit cost is high because of the quantity printed or you print high volumes to keep the unit cost down then digital printing could be your answer. Additionally it helps your cash flow by spreading the cost over the life of the book

Through scanning, we can reproduce a book from an original, where no electronic or other artwork exists. Even old and rare books can be reproduced in this way.

We have in-house guillotining, laminating, perfect-binding, saddle-stitching and drilling facilities, all of which provide our clients with the benefits of convenience, speed, quality and competitiveness.

Bookbinding and Finishing

Our services are flexible enough to complement traditional printing and digital printing alike, and as our binding is based around quality, not quantity, the fading art of true rounding and backing is always kept alive. With the flexibility we are able to offer, we can easily fulfil what are often considered difficult jobs for other binding companies, e.g. tip-ins of folded maps, throw-outs and throw-clears, sprinkled edges and slip cases.

Our binding services include:

  • Case binding
  • Perfect binding
  • Library binding
  • Fine leather binding
  • Weekly periodicals
  • Monthly periodicals
  • Theses/dissertations
  • Legal journals
  • Medical journals
  • Handwritten books and poems
  • Signature books
  • Presentation books
  • Handmade slip cases

Short-run case binding

We can undertake quantities from 1 to 2,000 books, whilst the high quality of work is maintained throughout every binding process:

  • Cancellations and complicated tipping-in are easily catered for as all forwarding is done by hand.
  • Section sewn books are produced via hand fed, semi-automatic and automatic sewing machines, which allow bolted and cut head work to be sewn.
  • Book blocks are rounded and backed using a "Crawley" backing machine. The rounding and backing produced by this machine is unsurpassed by any other automated backing machine.
  • Cases ranging from 4" x 7" to 14" x 22" (102 x 180mm to 356 x 560mm) are produced using our Kolbus GD casemaker. Case sizes falling outside these ranges are produced by hand.
  • We can foil block almost any design or layout required. Artwork and blocking chemacs can be produced if required. Personalised lettering is also an option.
  • All books are cased-in by hand and pressed overnight.
  • We are happy to produce binder dummies to aid in the production of spine artwork, dust jackets and cartons.

Book sizes

We can create your title in almost any size, but just as a general guide, here are some sizes available to you:

  Book (trim) size
Height (mm) Width (mm)
B Format / Large Crown 198 129
A5 210 148
Demy 216 138
American Royal 229 152
Royal 234 156
Pinched Crown Quarto up to 248 171
Crown Quarto 246 189
A4 297 210

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions or wish for advice on what size would be best for your title.